Sustainable Fisheries

Sustainable Fisheries

Thistle Seafoods is a family-owned organisation, which recognises the importance of meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs and to help ensure the long-term future of the fishing industry.

Sustainable fishing is at the heart of Thistle’s ethos. As a result we continue to foster strong working relationships with our suppliers and trade partners to impart knowledge and an understanding of the need to work towards greater sustainability, and to bring their thinking and work practices in line with ours.

To this end we have developed and implemented a series of stringent criteria.  Without exception all of our suppliers must adhere to Thistle’s strict regulations. Namely, all suppliers must have EU-approved plant and have full trace-back on all raw materials. We regard this as being of the utmost importance and require categorical assurance that no raw materials supplied to us have been illegally caught or misreported. We have implemented a ‘zero tolerance’ policy, whereby any failure to comply will result in immediate de-listing. Our suppliers are fully aware of this policy and are also aware that we regularly conduct random tests to ensure full acceptance and adherence to this.

Commitment to sustainable fishing practices is a core value of Thistle Seafoods. We endeavour to continue evolving this policy in line with industry guidelines. Our manufacturing practices are approved by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), which further demonstrates our commitment to the conservation and sustainable use of marine resources.

Sustainable fishing and the long term future of the fishing industry worldwide is a real goal for us as Thistle Seafoods is controlled by the fourth and fifth generation of our family to be employed in this sector. We aim to preserve vital resources and the longevity of our industry for many years and generations to come.